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Where’s My Stuff?

I don’t know about you, but I’m always losing my stuff. Whether it’s money, my wallet, my car keys, small children that I’m responsible for–whatever. I’m simply losing track of it all. I can’t blame myself. We live in an age where there’s just too much stuff to keep track of.

And I’m always losing it. Really.

So I made this web site where I could track all my stuff. Well, kind of. I’m still working on all the pieces I need so that I can follow all my stuff everywhere: when I buy it and it’s being shipped to me, or once I have it and simply can’t track it anymore. Even if I loan it out to my deadbeat friend who seems to forgotten what he did with it.

I’m going to use it to track everything, even the money I hide in my mattressĀ because I’m too scared of my bank going under next week.