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Better Text Formatting in Discord

Discord the Chat App Has So Many Options

Discord is a registered freeware VoIP app created for people who like gaming. Discord is supported by the Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, Linus as well as a web browser. Android and iOS applications are available and also desktop versions as well. Voice chat works better in the app version. Texts in a channel can be pinned by modmins. Also, Discord has added categories which have various channels and allow you to collapse or even open them to save more space.

Once a group collapses, you will just see a circuit if there are messages that have not been read and when it is open, you will know every channel. You can as well click and hold on a pathway to mute, which means you never get a notification that is not read for the specific channel on your desktop or even an Android device.

Discord uses Markdown to format and apply effects to texts. You can find a Markdown cheat sheet here.

Discord as well supports code blocks. You can create customized code blocks by wrapping the text you want to ask the impact on in backticks (`). Also, you can use three backticks to come up with a multiline code block. If you are interested in spicing up the code blocks, you can indicate a particular language you wish the code block to expect just after the first three backticks creating your code block.

There are very many diverse languages in place of markdown that are supported by Discord`s syntax highlighting. Every different style has its very own approach to enable highlight syntax.

Using emojis

On desktop as well as the most recent versions of the Discord mobile application, you just click on the face in the bottom right-hand corner of the text box. In older versions of the app you had, to start typing the emoji name to get a list and then choose the one you wish to use. Discord has very many traditional emoji you would find anywhere but to add to that, it allows for fifty custom emoji for every server. You can make use of this feature as well as other new ones who are continuously created.

How to react using emojis

To reply to a message, slide the note towards the right side, and click on the smiley face. On the most recent version of the discord applications for mobile phones, hold down on a text message and select, “Add reaction.” You can as well click on an existing reaction to swiftly add another of that very same emoji.

Using DM

The initials DM stand for direct message. You can directly text persons a few ways. When you click on a specified username, you can select “Send message.” You can as well click at the top of the list of servers you use on a circle at the top left and search for a username.

How to edit your messages

It may be somewhat embarrassing when you mistype something, but it is ok, everyone does it. There is a way to make corrections on your texts to clarify whatever it is you wanted to say.

First, choose the gear icon which is located on the right side of your liable message and click edit.

Secondly, make the necessary corrections as required. Thirdly, you either click enter or save when you make sure the message reads correctly.

Uploading images and GIFs

There are two methods of uploading images and GIFs as well as other embedded media into a discord message channel.

The first process entails you dragging the image or GIF from another place and drops it in the discord window. This is possible to do when using a browser of a desktop application. If you have any issues dragging your image or GIF or have to look a little further to locate it, you can use the second method.

An alternate process entails manually uploading a file by clicking on the small arrow box just next to the text box. Then search through your folders till you see the picture you are looking for. Double click or choose and hit open, whichever way you know well. Whether uploading through dragging and dropping or file upload, you will have the chance to comment on the file before uploading it.

More Fun with Discord

Once you’ve mastered text formatting with Discord, you can try out lots of different ways to enhance and customize the client. Some of our favorites: