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Best New Books for 2014

The New Year has come with lots of gifts especially for those people seeking to enhance their knowledge through reading the new books in this year. The following are the best new books for 2014 that you can read to enhance your knowledge and understanding;

The first book is called A History of Future Cities written by Daniel Brook. When I read the book, it talks about the future as well as the development of major cities in the world in the coming years. The engineers are also talking about the new ways that they can use whenever they are looking for the best opportunities in the market. You can read this inspiring book if you want to understand more about the developments of the world trends in the coming years.

The End of Suburbs (Where the American Dream Is Moving) written by Leigh Gallagher is one of the highly rated books in the year 2014. The book has recorded sales of more 200,000 copies after just one week since the launch. After reading the book, I realize that America is the best country you can ever live in. This is from the illustrations that the author gives to the readers in the book. End of Suburbs is definitely one of the books that you do not want to read in this coming year.

How to Study Public Life by Birgitte Svarre and Jan Gehl is another book that I found interesting for people who want to run for public offices in this coming year of 2014. This will enable you understand the principles that you need as a person when you have dreams of holding any kind of public office. It also teaches people on the high moral standards that you need to be the best in the market. I also found the book to be interesting from the author’s ways of illustrations.

In the year 2014, try to read Smart Cities by Anthony Townsend. In his book, he talks about the revolutions that have taken place in many of the countries in the world and especially in America and how these affect the presence of human beings in the market. When I read the book, I found out new revelations that I did not know about thus enabling me to understand US better in terms of the developments.

In conclusion, if you want to expand your knowledge in the year 2014, then you need the above best new books for 2014.